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September 10, 2011
September 13, 2011
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Playtime for You All

I realize that not only does each and every one of you need the basics out of life, but also must have some time for playing.  I was hoping that maybe all of us together might be able to come up with some very fun game ideas that we can enjoy.  There are some of the obvious ones, like patty cake, old Macdonald, and itsy bitsy spider that are always classics.  Now, we need something new and fresh so that I can continue to put a smile on your precious faces.  You all know how much I love coddling you.  As you can tell by this week’s picture, I am deep in thought making a list of my own.  I do have a couple of wonderful ideas, but I’m going to need all of your brain power as well.  Whenever you think of something, I want you to go ahead and share it as a comment.  Please, don’t feel shy or nervous because we are all a very big happy family.  As always, kisses and love from me to you.

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