dressup play with mommy
January 5, 2013
ABie Talk
January 6, 2013

I see  you found  those cute panties i hid but i knew you would find them that’s because you are such a sneaky little imp,love rambling thru my dresser drawers and especially thru the laundry basket didn’t think i knew did ya.Ah but you should know by now Granny knows and sees all can’t be too sneaky around me and get by with it.Come along little panty sissy awe are we nervous surely not you enjoy sneaking and wearing them so now you won’t have to i will let you wear my panties sweetie so we can show off those cute little bums of yours.Oh but i really think you should i watch as you shake your head and face turns beet red why so shy now huh oh now don’t tell me your a closet sissy well that is not going to work at all panty sissy i will get you out of that closet for sure.Then we can really have loads of fun don’t you think so come along now and lets get those panties on that you found  that was bought just for you my sweet.



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