Springtime Sissy
March 24, 2013
Come Get Some Candy
March 25, 2013

I love my panties so much! Getting to wear them is such a treat ‘cause usually Daddy won’t let me since I have accidents in ‘em all the time. But guess what… I LOVE having accidents in my panties!!! Sometimes its even more fun than going tinkle in my diaper.

And its not just going in tinkle in my panties, its also really fun getting to play in my panties. The silky material always feels so nice against my special parts!! Every time I get a new pair I think about what its gonna feel like to wear them and play in them. And then after I play with them they smell so good that I hide them in my room so Daddy can’t wash ‘em and I can play with them more when Daddy’s not looking!

My playdates like my panty collection too! My sissy friends like to borrow them during dress up so they get to feel pretty and special too! And my AB boi friends really like my panties!! I guess I’m not the only one who likes the way my used panties smell hehehe. Sometimes they even stuff them down their diapys and rub them down their… TEEHEEHEE its so naughty!! I hope Daddy doesn’t find out about it… he’ll get real mad I think…

Love, Lacy



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