Wet Diaper Alert!
November 3, 2010
Stay Warm
November 5, 2010


Hello, my little ones. I hope you’re all behaving and staying out of trouble. Everyone knows how much I love well disciplined babies and young boys. I even LOVE big flaming sissy baby, as long as you behave. The keyword is discipline, I am a NO nonsense Mommy and anyone who misbehaves will be punished accordingly! I have been known to strip and spank little bare asses with my hands, or anything I can find that has a handle. Wooden spoons, spatulas and hair brushes are in every home and make excellent paddles.
After your spanking I will but your red ass in to a baby diaper and make you a warm bottle filled with milk and laxative…..dont worry baby your going to thank mommy for that diaper in about 30 min or so hahaha…

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