diapered adult sissies
April 2, 2011
Sissy Easter Dress
April 4, 2011

open blouse cropped

If Mommy only knew what goes on when she leaves her little abie at Nanny Ella’s Nursery! Nanny loves to play naughty with little abies. Come sit on my lap, sweety. I’ll snuggle you and cuddle you while you nuzzle into my chest. I’m going to unbutton my blouse and open the front so you can press your warm cheek against my soft tits and find my nipple with that sweet, wet little mouth. It feels so good that it gets me thinking all kinds of dirty thoughts and when no one is around I just might have to follow through. If you need love and Mommy’s gone away, Nanny Ella is happy to play. Abie ageplay, diaper fun, and tender loving care with for Nanny’s sweet little ones.


Your Naughty Nanny Ella

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