September 25, 2009
HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!
September 29, 2009


“I know you just sh** your diaper??!! The entire house smells like sh**!  I yelled at abie Ryan, he tried to run back in to his room. But his diaper hung down so low between his legs that it made him waddle and he couldn’t make it around the corner.  I grabbed him by the neck of his onesie and dragged him the rest of the way to his nursery.  I placed him on his special changing table…special because if it’s adult size and has one of a kind built in straps for abies’ wrists and ankles.

I leaned over the table so I could get a good grip on his hips as I pulled him towards me.  The tapes of his diaper made a loud rip as I spread his legs and peeled back his diaper, “Oh, sh**! You nasty little aby!”

Ryan lay there naked with his legs spread on an open and messy diaper. How many wipes do you think  Mommy used to clean his stinky bottom? Do you think mommy spanked him for messing his diaper?  Do you know how Mommy Lexus would punish aby for making stinkies?  The answers to those questions are all a phone call away J

Mommy Lexus

1 888 430-2010

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