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January 31, 2014
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February 3, 2014
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Mommy’s Sissy Pet

“Sometimes I have wondered what it would be like to turn one of my own personal Sissy Aby’s in to a servant of mine.”

Come join me in my own personal erotic thoughts- Erotic yet unforgettable thoughts of little boys dressed in girly clothing- Bearing a collar on there neck and must adhere to his mommy’s orders. As a punishment for disrespecting mommy’s rules.

One day I decide that for just today I wanted something different. So I went out and bought a few pink satin dresses, with a nice thick collar and a leash that goes with it. One of my Aby’s finally arrives home to only be surprised with the silky pink dress laid neatly on his bed. He comes to me stating what this may be? I simply clarify- It is for you to wear, no arguments will be herd at all. Oh I don’t want to forget the additonal item that goes perfect with that silky pink dress.

As he started to get upset- I tell him to face the wall. Then I latch the collar on to his neck firmly but snug enough where it wasn’t to tight. He then turns around crying for mercey to remove the collar at once. “No  it will not be removed”- this is your punishment for not doing as you were told. From now on you are to “Obey” my orders. If you are to disobey me- You then will be left on the leash in a pretty satin pink dress, just to be mommy’s “Sissy Pet.”


XoXo~Mommy Lauren~XoXo



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