Spring is for Sissies
April 18, 2011
The Gentleman Daddy
April 20, 2011

You just got home from school and as you walk in you see mommy has shopping bags on the couch. You glance at them and feel excitement because maybe mommy has got something for you in one of those bags. You run into the laundry room where you can hear mommy doing laundry. Pulling on the hem of her dress you exclaim “mommy, mommy did you buy me something”? Mommy looks at you lovingly and says “actually sweetie, I got something for the both of us”! You take mommy’s hand and walk with her out to the living room, she hands you the bag and tells you to see what mommy got. You open the bag and glance inside, all you see is a frilly white “girl” dress with little red flowers. You look at mommy with a very confused look. “Honey isn’t it pretty, go and put it on for mommy”. You take the dress with your head to the floor because you really don’t want to put on the “girl dress”. You do it because you always hear how mommy coo’s over all of the little cute girl abies, and you always wish mommy would coo at you the same way! You come back out with the dress and matching bottoms on and mommy’s face lights up with joy! You realize that if mommy is so happy seeing you in that dress, it’s actually not that bad. You always want to make mommy happy! That’s why you will always be the best aby you can be for mommy!

Mommy Lexus

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