Diaper Lover Discovered: The Confrontation (Pt II)
May 23, 2012
Diaper Girl Phone Sex
May 26, 2012
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Mistress at home

I will be your mistress at home.

After a long day at your office you can come home to me

naked in a bubble-bath with 2 glasses of wine and a whole kit of

very naughty toys and s&m trix of the trade.

You enter and immediately remove all of your clothing.

You are very in tune to what your Mistress wants.

you walk in to where I am relaxing and you slip into the water with me

only your bottom half .

from your head to your waist is still showing for my viewing pleasure.

I lean forward and take my time with my riding crop giving special attention to your nipples and


“More,please mistress.” you beg.

I lay back and listen with delight to your pleas of lust.

I snap my pretty manicured fingers and you immediately start to rub my shoulders.

I am in femdom heaven.

As you work your way down my back you ask permission to lay hands on my breasts and I give you that privilige.

Oh how I love when I can relax in a bubble bath in my beautiful home and have such a caring sub to play with.

Let me play with you next….



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