Adult Baby Sissy Poem By Mommy Candy
June 23, 2012
The True Cost Of Phone Sex
June 24, 2012
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Main attraction mommy

Miss Crissy is a main attraction mommy,gotta get your tickets come on in and  find a seat.

Oh yes, mommy has all the XXX and other naughty rated programing maybe a dash of pg .

You will come to me wearing adult clothes, I will ease you into a fluffy soft diaper.

We can spend as long as you want getting to know all abies fave past times.

I just know that you will find out all kinds of  secrets about momma’s diaper play techniques.

Many things I can teach you.

See me make you so safe and secure in a nice warm blankie while you nurse from my big milk filled nipples.

We can play peek a boob while I show you how daddy makes me smile.

creamy crissy kisses!!!






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