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LuLu’s Massage

LuLu’s Massage

*Despite what you think this is a 100% true story*

I had one heck of an assignment from Granny Minnie the other day.  Since I’ve been left by myself, Granny has been taking care of me, and she is sure to have whoever is in her care play by her rules.  Not only must I be diapered, but Granny had me order cute white rhumba panties to wear over my diapers.  This in itself would not be so bad, but Granny had something more in mind for her amusement and my humiliation.

With all the stresses from work, Granny Minnie thought I deserved a well deserved break.  So, this past weekend I scheduled a massage for myself.  When I made the appointment I made sure to give the name LuLu.  I wasn’t sure if there was a bad connection, but in any case the girl on the other end didn’t seem to find that strange.

The time for my appointment approached and I dressed accordingly as Granny Minnie had instructed: short white shorts covering my diaper and rhumba panties.  I had to park a few blocks away since the parking lot was so small and waddle my way there.  As I walked in I was greeted in a friendly manner and shown into the room.  The woman, an Asian lady in her mid or late 40s, instructed me to lie down and cover myself with a small white towel which was laying across the table.  She then half closed the door and walked out.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I realized that now was the moment of truth…once I disrobed and put my diapered butt under the towel, there would be no turning back.  I took off my shirt and short white shorts and swung my ruffled, rhumbad, diapered butt onto the table.   At first I was lying face up, and thought that might be a little awkward way to start a massage, so I flipped myself over and adjusted the towel.

Another Asian lady in her mid or late 40s came in a few moments later, gave me a polite greeting and put a lamp shade over the light to dim it a bit.  I figured that being up front about my diapered condition would be best so as not to freak the poor woman out when she made the discovery later.   I leaned up on my side and said in as matter-of-fact a tone as I could manage, “I just want you to know, my Granny has been taking care of me lately and she insists that I wear diapers.”

The woman was slightly taken aback probably not thinking she’d heard me right and repeated, “Diaper?”

“Yeah…” I tried to stammer out.

“You’re wearing a diaper?”

“Umm, yes” I replied, burning in the shame in having to admit that I, a seemingly normal 25-year-old guy was indeed reduced to wearing diapers.

“Why you wear diapers?” She asked.

“Well it’s just sort of her rule when I’m with her…it’s OK…” I tried to reassure her that it shouldn’t affect the massage, but to my utter mortification and shame, she had already reached for the towel to investigate for herself.  She took the towel completely off exposing my diapered status and rhumba panties for anyone walking by the half open door.

“Ohh,” she began to say, “I’ve never seen one like this…this big before.”  I knew the rhumba panties probably threw her for a loop.  I felt even more humiliated knowing that it just wasn’t the diaper she was referring, but that fact that Granny had insisted on putting me in my rhumba panties as well.

My humiliation and shame only increased as I lied helplessly while the woman then began to inspect the diaper!  At first I thought she was marveling at my panties as she pulled at their side.  I then realized she was giving me a diaper check as she lifted up the side of the panties and got under the side of the diaper.  I have to say that I can’t blame her for not wanting to give a massage to some pathetic guy with a wet or dirty diaper.

As I realized what she was up to, as mortified and helpless as I was, I was able to stammer, “Yeah, it’s ok though, they’re…” I couldn’t bring myself to say it at first.  I didn’t have to.  She finished her inspection and gave me a reassuring pat on my diapered bottom and said “It’s OK, s’OK.”  She refolded the towel so that it was not covering very much and came around to my front to begin the massage.

I was so humiliated to have my diapered and pantied fanny patted by a woman who seemed to be half consoling and half patronizing me.  Nevertheless, with her reassurance I was able to finish what I’d started to say, “Yeah it’s clean and dry and everything…”

“Yeah, s’OK.” She responded with a gentle smile.  She gave me a very nice hour long massage, and the towel was shifted several times, reminding her and me (as if either of us needed it) of my diapered and panty clad status.  When the massage was finally finished, she removed the towel totally from me and gave it an extra second of a stare, before thanking me and walking out, leaving the door slightly ajar again.

I was flooded with the emotions of a relaxed massage coupled with the exhileration of being so obviously on display and shamed by my diapers and panties.  As I walked out I asked her name.

“Kim,” she matter-of-factly replied.  I offered my hand which she quickly accepted and before ushering me to the door.  I waddled back to my car, relaxed, comfortable, and humiliated all at the same time.  Thanks for putting me in my place and exposing me for who I am, Granny Minnie.


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