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January 25, 2014
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January 27, 2014
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Lauren’s Sissy Aby’s

Oh how I love to be a Sissy.

“Nothing sweeter than having to transform a baby boy into such a sissy girl. ”


Hello Aby’s,

Are you ready to be transformed from a little boy into a sissified girl? Well mommy has some good news. Maybe a bit humilating to you. How about when you come home, you no longer have anything pertaining to a boy. You step in to your room to find out that mommy has completely redecorated your room. You step in to your closet to find out that mommy has replaced your entire wardrobe. All you can see is nothing but sissy dress’s lining  from one end to another.

My sweet boy are you in tears? Well now,  you need to stop the water works it will not do you any good. Do you understand the reason to this whole ordeal? Well it’s simple, mommy wants a baby girl, therefore I have transformed you into a sissy girl. You will learn to walk, talk, and dress like a girl. You will also act and do accidents just like a girl. Mommy will nurture you and pamper you. In the end you will be saying…  “Ohhhhhhh! How I love to be a Sissy Girl.”


Mommy Lauren


Now call me, my sweet transformed Aby’s, mommy is waiting.

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