ABDL Slumber Party
June 1, 2011
My little abdl star!
June 5, 2011

It’s bed time, time to drift off into dream land, but first Mommy has to get you ready. Hold onto Mommies shoulder, and put your little feet in these warm soft jammies, that’s it, hold on tight so you don’t fall, but no worries, if you do Mommy will always be there to catch you.

Ok my sweet aby, time to cuddle on Mommies lap, and let me read you a bed time story, while you latch onto my soft full breast, and fill that little tummy up with Mommy’s sweet warm milk.

Do you need a loving Mommy, to dress you, cuddle with you, and read you a bed time story until you drift off into your own little dream world? Then Mommy Maggie is the one to call.



Talk to you soon my little Adult abies


Mommy Maggie

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