May 2, 2010
May 2, 2010
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ABDL Home Coming

Sara’s home was peaceful and quiet as her and her new bundle of joy walked through the door. She held aby safely in her arms as she walked him around showing him his new home, pointing and describing his room and all they aby items she had purchased for him. Aby gave a big yawn and she could feel some gas coming from his bottom. She walked him over to the changing table, turned the dial to his mobile and unwrapped him from his wubbie. She had a precious new outfit already laid out for him, carefully she changed his diaper, replaced the pad over his belly button and got him dressed in a new soft cotton clothing. “My precious boy is sleepy isn’t he?” she whispered softly in his ear as she pulled him back into her arms. She walked over the the rocking chair and cradled him close, humming a sweet lullaby as he drifted back off to sleep. Mommy had a tear roll down as she stroked his head so gentle; quietly ” welcome home my little prince, welcome home.”

From Mommy Sar, to newaby

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