December 2, 2009
Old Fashion Christmas
December 2, 2009
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Holidays Dress Up


So you got the perfect outfit for those holiday photos…make sure that you remember to wear those rubber pants to not make a mess…nothing is worse than having an accident and ruining that pretty dress of yours….Nanny spent a lot of time out there doing the shopping to make sure that all my little ones look oh so cute when they go to see Santa…so do you have your list for Santa and are you prepared to be on the good list…oh my did I hear you say your on the bad list…well the count down to Christmas is on so you better change that attitude of yours or I would need to agree that you ought to be on the bad list…so make sure that you do what mommy asks you to do and obey all the rules or else…Santa will get a call from me that you do not deserve anything this year….Rachel


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