A Letter to Santa
December 11, 2009
Happy Holidays
December 13, 2009

austins 055

So I need to know if you have been good or naughty this year…there are only a few weeks until Santa makes his way to your house…don’t disappoint me…I know that there is a good little boy in there… it is just making him come out so he can be put on the good list….remember that Nanny is very disappointed in little ones that do not tell the truth and try to get away with things that they should not….so do you want to receive presents this year…Nanny did go shopping for all her little ones…but if your not on the good list then I guess those gifts go to other little ones who deserve them…oh my…don’t tempt me because I will make that call to Santa and tell him what a bad little boy you have been this year….remember as the days go by and you don’t do what is right that is one less gift that you will receive this year…so are you willing to take that chance or are you ready to have your bottom reddened to be put back on the good list….

Nanny Rachel….Santa’s Helper


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