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October 28, 2011
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back into diapers and locking plastic pants


I can think of bunches of reasons to coax a man into diapers and to lock him into adult diapers for a period of time. It’s one of my very favorite roleplays. I was just talking to this big baby not too long ago who had to be swayed back in diapers. He was a big sissy who kept teasing other diaper lovers. I’d had enough of him teasing other people when he himself really needed to be in pinkdiapers and locking plastic panties. The sissybaby tried to tell me he was big and didn’t even need the diapers. When I started to scold him though for his behavior he soaked his pants.

I told him that he wasn’t a very big if a simple scolding from his Domme led to him filling his pants like a big aby. I made him turn on his cam and show me his soaked pants. He looked so pitiful standing there exposed and soaking. I just had to capture some screen shots of the weewee pant wearing sissy aby. Then he really got my attention, he started to cry. I told him unless he wanted all of the other mommies and sitters to see his w*t pants he’d get his diapers and the plastic panties that I knew he had. You can guess what sissy aby wore to bed last night can’t you? Yep, he wore thick cloth adult diapers and locking plastic pants.


Domme Mommy Scarlet



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