May 14, 2012
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May 20, 2012
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fetish fantasy

I had a very nice fetish fantasy

a vivid dream about being in a dimly lit room

the only light was a small candle.

there was a dark red chair and on the chair sat a very sexy masked man

and he held a silver goblet.

As soon as he looked up from his drink he smiled when his eyes fell upon me in

my red dress and black stiletto heels.

“Come closer he said softly to me”. he had a deep voice and instantly my panties got very warm and wet.

Thinking of him whispering in my ear and his hands all over me.

I walked further into the room and the man on the chair licked his lips as I came into full view.

my perky tits are displayed for his viewing pleasure encased in the soft silk of my corset top dress.

my blonde hair fell wild about my shoulders.

“You are very beautiful” he said and his hand tapped the table beside him.

from the corner of the room came a  tall cloaked man with dark eyes and he walked right up to me

and took a scarf from his pocket and started to bind my hands together. Then he unzipped the top of my corset down and my breasts were exposed. my round hard nipples pointed towards the man on the chair.

The mysterious man on the chair got up and walked slowly toward me and stood in front of me. He brought the goblet he was drinking from up to my breasts.

He  dipped his finger tips in the red liquid and then started to trail his wet fingers around my hard nipples softly at first and then more agressively.

I shivered with longing for this strange sexy man in front of me not knowing what would happen to me next I just waited…

find out what happens next in my new blog




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