Sissy baby needs Mommy
December 31, 2010
Peek a Boo
January 4, 2011


You were very naughty at the New Year’s Eve party last night! I saw you trying to sneak a sip from Mommy’s cocktail – even after I told you that it was a no-no. Didn’t I tell you that it was a grown up drink? That it was not for abies like you? But you wanted to be like all the Mommies and Daddies and be a big boy, didn’t you! Well, you want something to drink do you? Fine, mommy will feed you something special in your sippy cup. Something that will make your tummy grumble and your insides knot up with cramps; something that will have you doubled over and send your tummy into convulsions.


And just when you think you can not take the cramps anymore, it will happen…the uncontrollable urge to go messy in your diapy – lots and lots of messies. The waves and waves of spasms will over whelm you as you fill you diaper past capacity. With you tear stain cheeks you will look to me for comfort, but I will offer none. I only offer you these words of wisdom – “perhaps next time you will think twice when thinking of disobeying Mommy!”


Happy New Year Everybody!!! (heeheeheehee)

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