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April 12, 2013
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April 13, 2013
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diapermom romp


Having my Friday night fun as a diapermom is such a thrill!

That rascal Dave comes over in his crinkle-crinkle,diaper wet for me to change.

I put him on the big changing table ,pull the diaper tape away and take that wet diaper  down his legs.

Ball it up and throw it away. I take my time

what a stinker he is coming to visit with his bulge in his pampers.

Dave is ready to please me when he see’s how sexy I look in my outfit for him.

He get’s into my soft covers and cuddles right up to me ,slips his hand  in my nightie

and plays nipples. Ooh you are so good at being my favorite Dave.

Dave is getting real turned on, he starts to rub his diaper all over my panties

what a Good little diaper lover!



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