Let Sleeping Cats Lie
May 16, 2011
My Kinda Crib
May 19, 2011


You’ll never believe what I caught Daddy doing. I had my diaper bag sitting out on the table when I stopped over the other night. When I came back in the room two of the diapers were missing. There were only four in there, it was pretty easy to keep up with them. Then I heard something crinkling in the bathroom. I acted like I didn’t hear it and I walked right into the bathroom to find my big Daddy playing with the diapers. I think the neighbors could have heard me laughing as I told him I thought he was a big man, not a baby.

Then I made him get all of his clothes off and I stuck him in diapers right there. I told him that I needed some more practice changing them and he was going to be my little diapered baby. I couldn’t believe how hard Daddy got when I said this. It was pretty awesome to diaper him and make him use his diapers. He didn’t really have a choice since I had snapped some pics of him playing with them. Daddy made such a good baby for me, he was perfect.




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