Itty Bitty Peepee
July 28, 2012
ABDL Phone Sex Slumber Party
August 1, 2012

So you prance and dance around the room waiting for the special time that you get to spend with your special person it doesn’t matter if they show up late because you are just so excited to see them.And when the door bell rings you wet yourself.You pause not sure what to do now because you were told before hand that you had better have a nice clean dry diaper on.So you go ahead and ease the lock open and turn the door nob slowly opening the door up you raise your eyes to meet that special person you had been waiting for all day and now your face turns bright red its not like they haven’t seen you in a diaper before but oh my now what will you do they look into your face and they know that you have done something bad so now what you open the door up even more so and they walk on into the room turning facing you. You can’t look at them can you.Now the waiting begins to see what will happen You got all dressed up in that adorable pastel pink ruffled dress with the lace around the hem and the bonnet looks so cute with those curls coming out of it with the cute little ruffle and lacy socks to match those mary jane shoes.So now what ??



Wanting to have some  sissy fun i would love to play with you

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