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February 7, 2015
Big Baby
April 6, 2015
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Diaper Time



So I get this call from a cute little abdl and he asks me if I will be his mommy. He was so shy it was adorable! He finally warmed up to me after I told him  I love role-play  phone sex and mommy is only one of the many roles I like to play.  I myself am a mommy in training who loves to wear and use my adult diapers, I also love playing in my diapers and using diaper humiliation with adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy babies.  I love to put you in a diaper with plastic pants and a sweet little onesie. I know how badly you want and need to be treated like a little adult baby and made to go in your diaper. Sometimes you have to talk to someone who understands your ABDL lifestyle and who better to do it than a Mommy herself?




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