March 14, 2012
Happy ABDL Easter
March 18, 2012
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Diaper sex


I promise the best diaper sex ever it can not be denied that mommy’s insatiable lust will blow your mind.

Lactation on demand and the best diaper changes ever.

The night can get as juicy or as cuddly as you can handle.

Rock a bye abie on the treetop when the wind blows the cradle will rock ,when the bough breaks the cradle won’t fall

cause Crissy is here to save abie and not let anything happen to him at all.

I will do a switch and wear your diaper while we are exploring all the naughty spots we can find.

My moan’s will echo in your mind til you just have to have me again and again.

Mommy will love making all your sexy dreams come true.

Come and let me rock you and cover you in kisses.

If you need a little behavior modifying Mommy is very quick to oblige with

a nice hard spanking right to your bare bottom.

Nice and nasty dipping wet diaper sex for us to get down and dirty in the my play land

of so many yummy possibilities.

Love to sing my ab honey’s to nitey- nite with foxy milf mommy.

Stroking your back and making sure you are so satisfied and taken care of  that after our session you

just wanna lay back and drift off to dreamland and have some passionate Mommy dreams.

So you just get ready to have the time of your life and let mommy take the wheel and drive you

right to a paradise of nursery rhymes and diaper play and breast feeding.

Anything you want I got just fire up that phone and give me a ring


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