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Diaper Lover Dare


"diaper humiliation"

So college classes started back up a few weeks back and I have this friend that is studying to be a lawyer. He wanted me to dare him to wear his diapers out in public. There is nothing more that I love then a Diaper Lovers Dare, but I cannot help but worry about the ramifications of his actions and how it could potentially harm his future. So I was a little hesitant on daring him to do anything publicly.


I said to him, what happens if one day you’re in practice and all of a sudden you see on the front page of the National Enquire your picture wearing diapers. He got silent. He really hadn’t thought that far into the future. I know that most of us love to be publicly humiliated, but just how far are we willing to take it? A dare today could end up being devastating for us tomorrow. Is it worth taking the chance that our career we have worked so hard for to be compromised. So this is for all you diaper lovers who love a good dare. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think your desire to be exposed publically today is worth the risk of being exposed publically sometime in the future? Why or why not? I would love to hear from you. I have placed this topic on our Phone a Mommy Forum so be sure to continue the discussion there, if you dare.


Mandy dares you,



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