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December 4, 2009
December 8, 2009
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Christmas Shows

Okay Christmas shows are already on the tube! If you have TIVO or a DVR make sure to record your favorites! I hope that you will join me in chat and perhaps we can have some hot cocoa and a snack while we watch together. Click this for the listing of upcomming shows, channels, and times. I will be recording most of them.  So stop by and join us for a movie and chat! As always the phone a mommy lounge has comfortable seating, party favors, and offers bright witty conversation!

And if for some reason it boots you out, not to worry, Cameron and D. Paul are on the job and that door should be fixed sometime this year!!  *seeing how they’ve been working on it since last year, ah, well, hmm………..will cut them some slack seeing how its Christmas and all!* Til then just reload and renter!

Merry Christmas

Mommy Sara

1 888 430 2010

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