Treat Yourself This Holiday!
November 4, 2009
ABDL’S First Thanksgiving
November 5, 2009

ppoiouiuyiuI love this time of year!  Not only because of the changes in the weather (though that’s a huge part) but because being cold or a little chilly just makes me feel so alive. Overcast days and the smell of a rainy pavement make me get my favorite sweater back out and yes folks,  the boots makes a comeback along with my flannel jammies and fuzzy footwear.  I love the colors of the leaf’s changing and sweet little cherub baby noses of children who have been playing outside too long.  And let’s not forget the very best part.  The holidays come one after another.  Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine ’s Day.  So get ready for turkey day babies gobble gobble. 1194984720884646590fall_coloured_leaf_geral_01.svg.thumb

Mommy Ava

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