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November 26, 2009
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November 29, 2009
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Black Friday

blackfridayOk so here it is Black Friday everyone and their brother and aunt and uncle is scrambling into stores trying to get the best deals possible.And i can truly understand that concept what i don’t get is why they have to run over top of everyone grabbing,tugging,punching,slapping kicking and knocking people down for a five buck toy or shirt. I mean seriously now.
At one of  our local stores last year this dude punched this lady blacked her eye over a ten dollar item but at least he did get arrested for it. He took the item out of her buggy which was wrong i love shopping as good as most people just please not on Black Friday went once said never again.I do hope everyone got their good deals they were looking for and didn’t get stomped on for it.

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