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January 4, 2010
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January 10, 2010
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My sweet adult baby Donny asked me a good question tonight.  What is your favorite thing about being a abdl Mommy?  Hmm this is a hard one because a Mommy does everything for abie, and picking just one is hard but after giving it some thought I’ve come up with my top 3.


#3.  Changing diapers is something a good mommy can do with her eyes closed, but a good mommy uses every diaper session as a time to bond with adult baby and make it a fun experience.  Abie learns to love having his or her diaper changed and associates it with having fun with Mommy.

bunny diaper

#2.  Feeding abie is another basic need that every good mommy has mastered.  I love bottle feeding baby and only use formula.  I also love when abie starts to eat gerber food from a jar, though I try and make my own with fresh ingredients.  Having abie in a high chair and feeding him with his abie spoon is not as as easy as feeding from the bottlet, but mommy is filled with joy that abie is mine


#1.  this brings me to the number 1 thing I LOVE about being a Mommy!

bunny tub


After a full day of spilt milk, dirty diapers and playing in the sandbox, there is nothing like BATHTIME


Bathtime is when adult baby splashes and giggles and has the biggest smile ever.  Since bathtime is right before bedtime, I like to have abie take a nice long bath and get all worn out, so by the time abie is diapered and ready for his baba he is exhausted and ready for sleep.

When this abdl Mommy is short on time she takes a bath with abie and has a splashing good time!


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