Baby slut boy
July 29, 2013
August 7, 2013
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Bath time for a sexy mommy!

Rub a Dub,dub

Sexy mommy in the tub.

You see me glistening from the  warm,wet water I am just relaxing

now, I bet you think I am un-aware you are watching me.

You are getting quite comfortable behind that curtain loosening your

pant’s and letting your hand travel into your boxer’s.

I keep my eyes closed laying back and you see my full breast’s arch as my hand slip’s

under the water and find’s the way to my soft pussy this make’s your bulge get harder

still you know if you make any noise you will interrupt my personal pleasure time.

I put my other hand to my breast and finger my nipple it feel’s like someone else is sharing my

bath and pleasuring me.




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