Sissy’s Holiday
October 20, 2010
Trick Or Treat
October 23, 2010



Guess what Baby-Pants? You’re going to go out in public as my aby this Halloween night. I don’t care how much you cry and fuss it’s going to happen. You’ll have on a big adult aby diaper (or diapers), a shirt and some socks and shoes. If you get cold then you’ll get stuck in long fleece footed pajamas that are very babyish. Don’t you worry about where we’re going because Mommy has it all planned out. I’m going to tell that sexy bartender you’re always flirting with that this isn’t your costume, that you’re really a aby. She may think I’m joking but the shade of red your face will turn will have her laughing. Then that whole night you’ll be drinking from a little bitty baby-bottle. No beer or liquor for you. I just can’t wait.


Mommy Lexus

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