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November 22, 2010
Happy Turkey Day!
November 25, 2010

pam buggy
these days have so many different contraptions to help keep them safe as mommy transports baby from one place to another. There’s the car seat that’s usually abies first mode of transport as they go home with abdl mommy from the hospital.

The second most used abie devise is the stroller. They have so many to pick from, and I have to say some of the prices are outrageous.

I love the old fashioned buggy and bassinets; I don’t see many of them unless I’m in a vintage boutique but I love everything about them. Yes, I know the new strollers have all sorts of bells and whistles and probably a better choice for a busy mommy, but the feeling I get when I see a vintage buggy, it just warms my heart.

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