May 9, 2010
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May 12, 2010
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ABDL’s First Bath

Mommy is so excited to giver her new ABDL his very first bath! She has all necessary items, no tear shampoo, lotion, powder, hair brush, little knitted botties, soft wash clothes and a jumbo soft baby towel. And of course some little toys. Mommy is very careful to make sure the water temp is just right, unwraps her bundle of joy and lays him in is new tub that sits in the kitchen sink. He smiles and laughs as Mommy gently washes him, his arms move up and down splashing the water and his legs jump fr joy, kicking them back and forth! Just another precious bonding moment for Mom and her new ABDL to share. Mommy takes a quick picture so that she can add it to her abies journal that she will update while he naps.


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