Wanna a Drag?
August 13, 2011
Diapered Twenty Four Seven
August 14, 2011

diapered by your ABDL Mommy


So the diaper debate continues, everyone wants to know what the best diaper is. Some are fiercely loyal to using cloth diapers and plastic pants while others will not use anything other than a disposable adult diaper. Then once you decide between cloth and disposable what brand is the best? Which diaper holds the most? Which adult diaper is the most comfortable? What adult diaper is the cutest? That’s why there are so many different kinds of diaper honey; everyone is looking for their perfect diaper. As long as your diaper is good for you, it’s the best you can have. I don’t mind if my babies prefer a certain diaper; I just want them diapered. So keep your wet and messy tushies in whatever makes you happy. Mommy will be just fine with it.


Mommy Lizabeth

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