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May 7, 2012
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May 8, 2012
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Adult Baby Dirty Diaper Dream

I had the best dream last night. It was a world only filled with adult babies. It started out with Mommy Candy waking up to hear some crying, thinking it’s my AB. But when I walked out of my bedroom I kid you not there were adult babies everywhere! And they all wanted me to be their Mommy. So I fed them all, some are still hooked to breast milk which you can only imagine how sore that nipple was after all those AB’s got to it. So Mommy fed them, now I got to change them. I thought one poopy diaper was enough, but apparently not. There were dirty diapers everywhere! I had to empty the trash twice just for diapers and dirty wet wipes! It sounds like a lot of work but really it was the best dream ever. To wake up everyday and be the only Mommy left on the planet. So many adult babies to take care of. And I am their only mommy. I wouldn’t want anything more. So yes I was sad when I woke up. but then I remembered all of my sweet adult babies that I get to talk to everyday and it made me smile.


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