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November 25, 2011
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November 26, 2011
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ABDL Saggy Diapers Week


I have no doubt that us ABDL’s will have some saggy diapers this week. That is why I name this ABDL Saggy Diaper Week! So chill out and relax, enjoy the leftovers and games in your ABDL Saggy Diapers and sing along with me!


Do your diapers hang low?
Do you wobble to and fro?
Do they crinkle when they’re w*t?
Do leak when they’re soaked?
Do they sag between your knees?
Do you like it when you’re teased?
Do your diapers hang low?
Do you like it when they’re dry?
Does it make you kinda shy?
Do you lie there on the ground?
Do you make aby sounds?
Does your diaper smell strange?
Do you need a diaper change?
Does it make you have to giggle?
Do your little legs wiggle?
Do your diapers hang low?

Mixing it up Mandy tehehehe



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