Peek a Boo
May 3, 2011
Super Moms Everywhere
May 5, 2011

So it is Mothers Day weekend and I know that all of us absolutely adore our Mothers. And the Mommies here at Phone a Mommy are no different they are true Mommies to us all. They are our backbones that make us strong; providing us with courage through all their encouragement and praise. They are our sounding boards, as they sit and listen patiently to our rants and raves; gently and calmly advising us that it will all be okay. They guide us and pick up the pieces when life feels as though it goes a stray and yet they never object to our whines and complaints and never ask a thing a thing in return. They change our poopy diapers and loves us in-spite of  the mess, they kiss us and hug us and make us feel so special. Their only wish is that we are safe and doing well. Thank you Mommies you are so loved!

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