sexy diaper sissy
July 18, 2012
Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Tease Jenna
July 22, 2012

As everyone knows, I’m a Phone Mommy and diaper lover. I take care of and enjoy the company of adult me who wear diapers. I get calls all day from wet and dirt boys who just want a little bit of dirty mommy son phone play. They want exciting phone sex and I enthusiastically give it to them. But there’s one thing that sometimes gets in the way. The diaper!!! How do you have e diaper sex when the diaper gets in the way? I’ll tell you what you do, you make a hole in the front of the diaper. And then mommy has a nice place to sit down. A hard cock standing proud through a hole in a diaper is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. Have you tried this trick, yet? I bet you have, but the question is, have to tried it with me? If the answer is no, I think it’s time for you to give me a call.

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