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A Little Golden Book


I love reading to my adult baby.   Every night before bed I love to put baby in my lap with a blankie and a baba and read one of abies favorite bed time stories.

Some of my all time favorites are Little Golden Books that I have saved from when I was just a little one.  I’m sure everyone has seen these books or owned a few of them either as children or as parents.  My Mommy gave me my first book when I was six months and she read it to me before bed, even though I could not understand the words hearing them every night before bed was a source of comfort.

These books have been on my book shelves since childhood, and my collection grew till I got to my teens.  Now I read those same books to my baby’s and feel the same sense of joy I did as a kid with my mommy.

Some of my favorites to read are illustrated by Eloise Wilkin her artwork is like no other and just looking at the pictures in the books remind me of a child’s innocence and how they view their world.  I especially love ‘We Help Mommy’, Martha and Bobby dress themselves, help with the housecleaning, washing and grocery shopping, especially putting the groceries away. At bedtime, as Daddy tucks them in, he says, ‘Thank you for being such a big help to Mommy and me.
The story of ‘Busy Timmy’ tells of his growing up – ‘He is a big boy … he gets ready for his bath. No one has to help him … He gets ready for bed … He climbs into bed, all by himself!’

Make reading Little Golden Books a tradition with your mommy.  Ask her to read one to you and cherish the moments reading with your mommy.  At the same time Mommy can watch the sparkling gleam of wonder in baby’s eyes as they drift off to sleep.

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