October 18, 2009
What can I do for you
October 21, 2009


I have had some very naughty abies calling me lately but that’s ok, I know exactly  what to do with them. Naughty abies call Mommy Lexus to be punished but they don’t always learn their lesson. Some need to keep coming back, over and over, for additional training. One young man needs his spankings to keep him in line because he speaks out of turn and throws tantrums. Another one needs diaper discipline because he’s always playing with himself when he shouldn’t be. Like I said, naughty, naughty abies. Mommy Lexus has seen it all and there’s no situation, when it comes to discipline and punishment, which I can’t handle. This isn’t behavioral correction though. I do expect you’ll be back for more whether it’s sissy training or chastity training or anything else I decide to dole out. Call me now to learn about your own special punishment

Mommy Lexus

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