Are You Hot 4 Teacher?
October 16, 2009
October 18, 2009


Some of the Mommies here are so sweet and kind, but I think they are too kind.  Abies need a firm, disciplinarian to help shape them into thoughtful and well-behaved little ones.  Now Mommy Lexus is here to bring that much needed discipline to PhoneAMommy and all the Abies that these Mommies, Nannies, and Sitters have been coddling and spoiling.  Mommies send their Abies to mean Mommy Lexus when they are acting up and misbehaving so you better be good or be ready to accept your punishment.  Lots of these spoiled little ones seem to think that tears and “sorry” can fix things and maybe that works with sweet kind Mommy Candy or some of the other Mommies here but that’s not how Mommy Lexus works.  Generally, when you are whining and crying about how sorry you are, it’s just the beginning.  We’ll see how sorry you are when your bottom is all swollen and sore.

Mommy Lexus

1 888 430-2010

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