December 23, 2009
December 25, 2009
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Merry Christmas to All


Christmas Eve

by Julie Lineker

The children lay in bed this special night
Holding their breath with eyes closed tight
They know the magic won’t be right
If they are found awake after midnight
Shhh, at last they hear a sound
Tinkering bells in the background
Do they dare open their eyes
And peep out at the dark skies
Will they only see the snow
Or is Santa parked across the road
They hear a creak, is it the door
Or is it the cat creeping across the floor
No this time they know for sure
It definitely was the bedroom door
Not one child dares to breathe
Or make a sound in bed this eve
They knew it was he creeping across the floor
Even quieter than the year before
Will he leave me a doll’s house
Some toy soldiers and a sugar mouse
There’s a lot of rattling, a creak, a groan
Now he’s finally leaving our home
We wait in bed for what seems like hours
Until we’re sure the house is ours
Then we are all out of bed
Feeling around to see what’s been left
Our sacks are full, O what joy
We have been good girls and boys
We feel around and shake each one
To us Christmas day has begun
But suddenly out of the dark
GET BACK TO BED! The grown-ups bark.

Well, its Christmas eve and all my babies on the east coast should be snuggled in bed.  I remember how excited I was as a kid on Christmas eve, and not being able to sleep.  I kept wishing I could close my eyes and the 7 hrs would just zip by and I could run down to the tree, and wait for the ok from my mom to open one gift.  You see soon our house would be filled with family and friends and the smell of every pie you can think of would fill our house.  Before the noise of Christmas filled our house.  Mom and I would have a cup of hot chocolate and sit under the tree, still in our jammies as I opened my one gift always chosen by my mom, though she always said it was from Santa.

I hope all my little ones get to share your Christmas traditions with the ones you love and if your reading this WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT OF BED!  Get back in bed and Merry Christmas to all

and to all a good night!





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